Completely Free

We offer completely FREE to the scientific community and to the PV panels manufacturers a Website which provides: 1) the five SDM parameters just from a set of experimental I-V data; 2) all possible combinations and bounds of the five SDM parameters just using the three remarkable points (open-circuit, short-circuit and maximum power points) available, for example, in the manufacturer's datasheet.

Scientific Methods

The five SDM parameters can be computed with different methods (TSLLS, Reduced Form or these methods with NSED add-on) and different metrics (Current distance, Euclidean distance, Noise-scaled Euclidean distance). By other hand, bounds of the SDM parameters or combinations of five parameters from manufacturer’s datasheet can be obtained. If anybody is interested, please contact us.

Amazing results

The parameters provided by the TSLLS method are the best ones obtained in the literature in the case studies considered in the published paper. All possible combinations and bounds of the five SDM parameters are computed from manufacturer’s datasheet. The use of new metrics as the Noise-scaled Euclidean distance allows to obtain the maximum likelihood estimation of the SDM parameters.

Input your I-V curve or your datasheet values

The methods work with experimental I-V data from almost any kind of PV panel in any environmental condition. The datasheet method just needs the three remarkable I-V curve points. To save your simulations and manage them you can make an easy and free registration..